Primary 2

What's the learning this week?

Ms Wood - Year 5/6   

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Ms Hankinson - Year 6/7   

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Inquiry Tasks:


Follow this link and read the information

Complete this task


Harmony Day Design Project

Please look at the paperbased materials sent home for this project.

With Harmony Day having been and gone, without much of a mention as we have been a bit preoccupied with the state of our world, it would be great to focus on something a bit more positive. So, thanks from a little nudge by one of our amazing home schooling parents I decided we should get a little creative and see how we can promote harmony day and how we can demonstrate diversity, be respectful of all people and celebrate all our differences.


Deforestation Task

Read the information: Deforestation debate, then complete the 5 tasks set. Scroll down the page to see them all. 


Your Food: Fast Food

Mr Watson's PE & Health:

Dr Me:  Write your own information report about fast food. You can use the headings from the webpage you read and think of at least 2 of your own to help organsie the inforamtoin and facts you find.


Your Food: Eating & Sport

Write an information report based on the information about what you have learnt about Food & Exercise


Respect Achievement Belonging Diversity